Deutsche Telekom - Wissen Verändert Alles

Recruiting Game


To attract attention in the vastness of the internet requires ingenuity nowadays. Especially with young users who grew up with internet and navigate around it speedily and proficiently. If something isn't worthy of interest, they will click away from it immediately. This is exactly what Deutsche Telekom wanted to avoid with the help of a special online recruiting campaign. Students of the 8th grade are unlikely to click away from Telekom out of boredom, but instead see the company as an interesting and innovative employer.


Deutsche Telekom
elbkind GmbH


Recruiting campaign
Recruiting game
Online recruiting
Online game
Online campaign


Storyboard, script
Photo and video production
Game development
Programming (HTML5)


IF Design Award - Communication Design
Mystery recruiting

With an interactive experience, Telecom offered young users the excitement and entertainment they are used to online. Namely where they typically look for it: on YouTube. Under the motto „Wissen verändert alles“ ("Knowledge changes everything") the target group found a YouTube channel that seemed unimpressive. That changed immediately as soon as the users started playing a video. An image interference suddenly spread across the entire screen from which a scary character emerged: a Jigsaw master in the style of the horror film "Saw."


The mysterious figure from the viral invited users to unravel a mystery which it had left in Telekom headquarters. Those eager to take part clicked to land on the microsite There the headquarters in Bonn could be explored, through which the mystery master guided the visitors. Riddles, excitingly displayed information and helpful colleagues awaited them everywhere. Thus potential applicants could show off their ability and step by step learn about the company at the same time.

Applying playfully

The best players were invited by the mystery master to a recruiting workshop which could lead to a real apprenticeship for those interested. In the first four weeks already 300,000 school students accepted the challenge and every day there came more participants wanting to get more details on Telekom.