Virtual Reality Experience


Dark green – everybody who starts out on a dive into the Baltic Sea must get used to it. Those who despite everything still have the courage to do it, will be rewarded by a unique spectacle of nature. Because in the depths of the Baltic Sea hides a fascinating underwater realm.
The virtual reality experience with interactive 360° underwater scenery succeeds in bringing this intriguing biosphere nearer to people and at the same time drawing attention to existing problems.


NABU – Naturschutzbund Deutschland e.V.


Web VR
Virtual reality dive 360°
Underwater video
VR station at Ozeaneum Stralsund
Virtual reality road show


360° film production
Underwater video production
UI/UX design
360° postproduction
Sound production
WebVR programming


Annual Multimedia Award 2020 - Silver
German Design Award - Nominee
Awwwards - Honorable Mention
FWA of the Day - VR
CSS Design Award - Special Kudos
CSS Design Award - Best UI Design
CSS Design Award - Best UX Design
CSS Design Award - Best Innovation
Virtual dive

Up till now the reserve of divers, NABU now makes it come alive for everybody. For the first time anybody can discover the secrets and beauties of the Baltic Sea – without flippers and snorkel, from home or on the move. With the title OstseeLIFE (Baltic Sea Life) NABU created the first virtual underwater reality VR film for the German audience of the sea that it borders in the north-east. With VR glasses the “dive” through the Baltic Sea becomes deceptively real.
With our innovative WebVR technology users navigate the virtual underwater journey with their own eyes. Nevertheless, this 360° reality can be discovered without VR glasses with PC, tablet or smartphone. Once "submerged" several biospheres can be selected with a mouse click or touch.

Furthermore, a well-known voice can be heard: German actor Axel Prahl, who most people know as Kommissar Frank Thiel from “Tatort Münster” (Commissioner Frank Thiel of “Crime Scene Münster”) on the ARD channel, talks about grey seals and seagrass meadows. Actress Ulrike Knospe was also present and tells amazing stories of the Baltic Sea's denizens.

With OstseeLife NABU wants to increase awareness of how diverse, but also how endangered the fascinating ocean world on our doorstep already is. Overfishing, industrial use, intensive ship traffic and ongoing pollution threaten flora and fauna of the Baltic Sea.

360° underwater production

The filmmakers needed two weeks and 25 dives to capture six marine biospheres. They include: the seagrass meadow, lungs and nursery of the Baltic Sea, the cretaceous reef off Rugia, millions of years old, or ancient ship wrecks which give a new home to cod and conger eels. Thus came into being a kaleidoscope of the Baltic Sea with a variety that few would believe.

40 hours on the boat, sometimes in storm and rain, had to be borne by our production team. Just the first dive with the heavy self-built 360 degree rig with 16 cameras ended with zero visibility because of chalk clouds formed by a thunderstorm.

VR road show

At Ozeaneum in Stralsund, which among others was awarded European Museum of the Year 2010, the project, including attached VR station, due to visitors' great excitement is an integral element of the local exhibition.
Additionally the project tours with a road show throughout Germany, with mobile VR stages and VR fielding cases. The project also got a lot of positive feedback and encouragement from social networks and press.