K.I.Z. - Neuruppin

Interactive music video


We named it 'The first music video in the world' back then. Whether this is true – by definition probably not. At least it was the first music video of its kind and ranks among the classics of German interactive affairs.
We are still the biggest fans of the band, but the video is not for the fainthearted. Those who want to see the classics again have to google it themselves – and you need Flash Player. True old school.


Universal Music


Interactive music video
Music experience
Web special


Idea, conception
Storyboard, script
Photo and video production
Web design
Interface design

Not only that the interactive music video was explored a millionfold and much discussed on the web, even screen recordings from the film which were uploaded to YouTube by fans achieved click counts into the millions.

User Generated Content

Fans could place their own pics in the web experience and then send personalised links to their friends. Their face was then to be seen within the video. Users with personal links which got the most clicks were also featured in the public link of the experience. Thus the biggest fans themselves became part of the music video.