We develop online experiences, in particular interactive websites, product or campaign websites and micro-sites, which sink deep into the memory.

Interactive web experiences

Our web projects emotionalise. They are particularly interactive, deeply involve the user and they are fun! Worlds in which the user is immersed, in which they interact with people, their surroundings, products and objects, in which they experience first-hand brands and events. Minimal modern interfaces give storytelling the necessary space. Our digital productions entertain, stay in the memory, give food for thought or promote purchase decision. Each according to our clients' interests.

Websites, micro sites & mobile apps

We design and implement corporate websites, micro-sites, mobile websites and apps, campaign and product websites that are in each case unique. Always distinct, speedy, effective and above all nice to use. We apply state-of-the-art web technologies like, for example, WebGL, WebAudio or WebVR and our in-house developed software, the ‘Kubikfoto Creator’, in order to guarantee successful experiences on all platforms and devices.

Web design

We live and breathe design. Advanced and functional interfaces are often the basis or at least the framework of our digital projects. Bristling with slick motion design and animations, the user experience design makes all the difference.

Interactive videos & worlds

We create virtual worlds for web, Smartphone, tablets and virtual reality devices. Our speciality in this is interactive videos and video-based worlds of experiences which propel the user into real existing surroundings and let them interact with real people, products and experiences. Such an experience is particularly intensive which leads to maximum emotional bonding with the presented content.

Web VR

Through state-of-the-art web VR programming, our virtual reality applications can be experienced directly in the web browser and across any devices. With or without virtual reality glasses. If a VR headset is connected to the PC, the website will recognise this automatically and display the content to the head mounted display (HMD), for example, to the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive. Thus the user can easily and directly plunge into the virtual surroundings without having to install an app. This all naturally works as well on mobile virtual reality devices, e.g. on a mobile phone, Google Cardboard, Oculus Go, Google Daydream or Samsung Gear VR.

Brand experiences
Interactive brand experiences which involve the user and strengthen emotional bonding to the brand.
What actually is "the metaverse"? Or is it many metaverses? Find out with us! We will be happy to advise you.
Online Campaigns
Micro-sites and campaign websites for an exceptional user experience and with viral potential.
Product websites
Trying out products in virtual reality, operating and configuring or wandering through diverse product worlds – that are nigh on real life and guarantee emotional bonding.
Online recruiting
With the help of interactive recruiting experiences, companies can generate an emotional bond to the firm long before potential employees set foot into the business premises for the first time.
Interactive web documentary
We produce attention-provoking online documentaries which totally exploit the chances of new web technology. And beyond. From research up to publication.
For all web experiences the most important thing is and will remain the story. We develop ideas and concepts that cast a spell over the user. Next level digital storytelling.
Long attention time
Users engage with the content of our experiences which is reflected in the usually extremely long average session duration per user.
Apart from winning many major international awards, our projects also have a large range in social media, web and print media. Just for the fun of it, Google one of our projects.
Mobile Experiences
Functionality and experience – our applications for Smartphone and tablets have both. Speedy performance is the basis for our mobile experiences.
Creative technologies
We apply state-of-the-art web technologies such as html5, CSS3, WebGL, WebVR or WebAudio and our own software with intelligent downloading and filing management for speedy charge times and top performance.