Virtual reality system modules and individual VR setups perfectly planned for trade fairs, events, showrooms and road shows – also for rental.

Virtual reality stations

We conceptualise and produce individual virtual reality stations, VR steles and VR trade fair installations with integrated VR headsets and offer specifically designed and readily configured virtual reality module systems.
The static set-up at trade fairs, events, in stores or showrooms, on road shows or in direct presentations offers many advantages.
Users can be transported to many virtual locations, they can try out and handle products and experience stories with a guaranteed exciting time.
In stationary use the physically available space, e.g. at a trade fair, can thus be enormously enlarged or content presented at a booth that couldn’t otherwise be shown.

Rental and hiring

We offer especially designed virtual reality system stations which can be easily integrated into existing booths, installed in stores, showrooms and the company foyer or put to use on road shows. The virtual reality steles have a screen at viewing height, on which content that is displayed to VR glasses is also made available for all other visitors. The module system is by default equipped with one set of virtual reality glasses, but can also be expanded with glasses for up to four viewers. Individual branding of the VR stage with company logo and colours is also possible.
Setup and handling of the VR steles is quite simple, but we also offer implementation, technical support and on request full assistance on site.
Additionally, we provide virtual reality carrying cases that are easy to transport and quick to set up for mobile display of presentations or on road shows.

For enquiries about hiring please email or call us on +49 421 98 89 59 00.

Trade fairs & events
We offer customizable VR system modules for trade fairs and events for sale or hire.
Road shows
We offer easy to transport and quick to set up mobile VR modules for direct presentation and road shows.
Showrooms & Stores
Virtual reality steles for the showroom, store or the company foyer. Upon request also with support.
Virtually expanding selling space
Visitors dive into virtual worlds and thus can be transported directly from the event to anywhere in the world. Or to places that exist only in the imagination.
Individual VR installations
Virtual reality lorry, a VR adventure learning vehicle or individual concepts for road shows and trade fairs? Send us your enquiry!
Digital Signage
Extending digital brand experiences at your POS, at trade fairs, in your lobby or even at very unusual locations or making them directly accessible thanks to our modular systems. Interested? We look forward to your call.