We develop virtual reality experiences that dazzle and enthral. For trade fairs, events, showrooms and web.

VR Production

We conceptualise and bring to life immersive virtual reality experiences for advertising and marketing, and also for documentary activities, VR journalism, infotainment, e-learning, or entertainment. We stage brands and products, we make real venues, events and theme worlds come alive or create artificial virtual worlds, always with the primary goal to involve and inspire the user to the utmost.

"They have been producing virtual reality experiences for over a decade - they just didn’t have the goggles back then."

— Nils Müller, TRENDONE


The user's close involvement and the variety of possible interactions create an emotional tie with the event, almost as if it were taking place in the real world. This strengthens brand experience and increases motivation to make purchases. Our virtual worlds give the user the feeling of really being there, leaving a strong, lasting memory.

VR stations

We conceptualise and produce individual virtual reality stations, VR steles and VR trade fair installations with integrated VR headsets and offer specifically designed and readily configured virtual reality module systems. The stationary set-up at trade fairs, events, in-store or in showrooms, on road shows or in direct presentations offers many advantages. Users can be transported to many virtual locations, they can try out and handle products and experience stories with a guaranteed exciting time. In stationary use the physically available space thus can be enormously enlarged.

Authentic VR

We make 360 degree videos interactive. Authentic VR is a globally unique technology for live-action movie based virtual reality experiences developed by us in-house. We combine 360° videos with interactions which until now were only possible in real-time 3D VR applications: the user can move along the scenery, have a closer look at details, interact with persons, items or products, make decisions or manipulate the progress of the story. Incidentally, we've solved the main problem of storytelling in 360 degree videos: no longer will the user miss something just because they happened to be looking in the wrong direction. With our technology the director anew takes charge of navigating the course of the dramatic composition.


The newest webVR technology enables you to experience our VR applications directly through your web browser, on all devices and system software, with or without a VR headset. If VR glasses are linked to the PC, the website will recognise this automatically and display content to the head-mounted display, e.g. on the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive. Thus the user can simply dive directly into virtual worlds without having to pre-install an app. This, of course, also works on mobile VR devices such as Smartphone, Google Cardboard, Oculus Go, Google Daydream or Samsung Gear VR.

Virtual reality production
We produce VR content, VR movies and complex 360 degree experiences from idea to project launch and take care of the whole workflow of VR production from A to Z.
Conveying educational content or telling stories in virtual spaces. We produce metaverse applications that are exciting and fun!
High end 360° experiences
We bring into being highly interactive VR applications based on authentic footage from real life. Pure authenticity. #AuthenticVR
360 degree video production
With in-house designed high-end 360° camera rigs and sophisticated storytelling we shoot videos professionally, with the benefit of our vast experience in resolutions of 4K, 8K and 16K. More information
VR product presentation
Trying out products in virtual reality, operating and configuring or wandering through diverse VR product worlds - that nigh on real life is only possible in virtual reality.
VR journalism
Nothing matches virtual reality documentaries for recounting stories at such close range and in such a captivating manner. Exciting, moving and informative all at the same time. Our projects were nominated and were awarded for journalistic awards ,like CIVIS Medienpreis, Nannen Preis, Deutscher Reporterpreis and Alternativer Medienpreis.
VR training
Understanding and mastering complex topics, in virtual reality training scenarios, as a VR learning tool and assisted by learning software.
Product worlds in which products can be experienced in their authentic surroundings or interactive VR product representations for online shops or stores, directly at POS.
VR education & learning
School trip to the woods, underground or to the depth of the sea? No worries! Virtual reality opens the doors to every world. Edutainment, Infotainment, knowledge transfer 4.0.
VR game production
Gamification, serious games, edutainment contents are playfully conveyed in virtual reality.
Virtual worlds since 2007
We have been specializing in creating virtual worlds for more than a decade. Only we didn’t have VR headsets back in that time. We've developed matchless tools, and know only too well the challenges of interactive staging.
Mobile virtual reality app
Also playable on Smartphone and mobile VR devices. For example, with Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR, Vive Focus, Oculus Quest or Oculus Go.
VR for trade fairs, road shows & showrooms
A stationary VR application at trade fairs, events, in stores or showrooms and at road shows can enlarge enormously the available space virtually (and with limitless widening capacity).
Content management
Virtual reality technology can be connected to client CMS via special interface so that they can maintain their purchased system themselves.
Tracking and analysis
User behaviour in our VR applications can be tracked and evaluated right down to the smallest detail. Our clients have access to a full analysis. Of course, GDPR compliant and with the highest data protection requirements.
High-end VR production
We produce to the highest standards, in the fields including advertising, entertainment, documentation, edutainment or sustainability.
VR storytelling
The most important thing is and will remain the story, even in virtual reality. We develop ideas and concepts that draw the user into their spell. Next level digital storytelling.