Perfectly thought-out digital installations and individual VR setups for museums, trade fairs, events, showrooms and roadshows.

Digital exhibitions

Our expertise covers a wide range of digital installations, including virtual reality modules, interactive touchscreens, immersive projections, animated displays and much more. From conception to production, we offer customized solutions for trade fairs, events, stores and showrooms. Our innovative technologies enable unique and engaging experiences that will impress and involve your target group in the long term.

Exciting installations

Digital installations offer numerous advantages for stationary applications. They allow users to travel through virtual worlds, test and operate products and experience captivating stories. This creates unparalleled excitement that will leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Imparting knowledge in the room

In addition, our digital installations also offer innovative solutions in the field of learning and training. By integrating interactive elements and simulations, we can create engaging learning environments that improve understanding and knowledge transfer. Whether in educational establishments, companies or public institutions, our digital learning applications open up a wide range of possibilities for communicating complex content in an understandable and accessible way. From virtual classrooms to interactive museum exhibitions, we help you create innovative educational experiences that effectively support your goals.

Staging products in space

Digital installations also significantly expand the physical space available, especially at events such as trade fairs. They make it possible to present content that could not otherwise be shown due to space restrictions. These flexible applications offer a dynamic way to showcase your company or products while increasing visitor attention and interaction.

VR stations for hire

We offer specially developed virtual reality system modules that can be easily integrated into existing trade fair stands, set up in museums, stores, showrooms or company foyers or used at roadshows.
The virtual reality steles have a screen at viewing height on which the content that can be seen on the VR glasses is also displayed for visitors. The modular system is equipped with one pair of virtual reality glasses as standard, but can also be expanded to include up to 4 pairs of glasses.
Individual branding of the VR stations with company logo and company colors is also possible.
The VR steles are very easy to set up and use, but we also offer setup, technical support and, if required, full on-site support.
For mobile use for presentations or roadshows, we also offer virtual reality cases that are easy to transport and quick to set up.

Trade fair & event
We offer customizable VR system modules for trade fairs and events for sale and rental.
Museums & Exhibitions
Virtual reality modules, interactive projections and touchscreens to convey knowledge in an exciting way
We offer easily transportable and quickly deployable mobile VR modules for direct presentations or roadshows.
Showroom & Store
Digital steles for the showroom, store or company foyer. Also with support on request.
Virtual expansion of the sales area
Visitors are immersed in virtual worlds and can be transported directly from the event to any location in the world. Or even to places that only exist in the imagination.
Individual VR installations
Virtual reality trucks, a VR adventure learning mobile or individual concepts for roadshows and trade fairs? Just ask us.
Digital signage
Digital brand experiences at the POS, at the trade fair, in the lobby or even in completely unusual places