For animated and still content we produce 2D / 3D animations, renderings, CGI, visual effects and motion design.

2D / 3D visualisation

We conceptualise, design and create 2D and 3D graphics and animations and motion design for a wide range of applications. This may be, for example, movies and photos, compositing, web experiences, websites or virtual reality applications.

CGI production

CGI (computer generated images) is the virtual creation of products and images in the field of movie production, photography, of computer simulation and visual effects. For moving images and stills we produce photo realistic 3D renderings and animations, which will be integrated in real or virtual sceneries. For example, for product presentation and visualisation of prototypes or with content, sites or things which don’t exist or don’t yet exist.

3D web experiences

3D visualisations can also be used in web experiences and on websites. With the help of WebGL technology, for example, 3D models and products can be viewed three-dimensionally, be moved, tried out or configurated in an online configurator.

3D Google Swirl Ad

Google 3D Swirl is a new, immersive display format in which the user can interactively discover and move 3D elements within an ad. This innovative 3D experience raises brand awareness and purchase intention. Web Ads offer completely new possibilities with this feature.

Motion design
Animations for interface, user experience and interaction design or moving graphics for movies and videos.
Visual effects (special effects)
Not only for explosions and dinosaurs: special effects and computer animation for moving image and stills.
Product configurator
Configuring and trying out 3D products online, in an online shop or a website.
3D websites
Products, people and spaces in 3D for websites and online projects, with WebGL programming.
3D rendering
Photo-realistic CGI renderings rich in detail for high resolution photos and prints.