We produce 360° movies and interactive 360 degree experiences in high-end quality.

360 degree videos

We produce immersive 360 degree movies and interactive 360° applications which bring the user right into the action. With a 360° video users can decide for themselves what they want to see. The user dives directly into the story on PC, Smartphone or with a head mounted display (virtual reality glasses) as if they were really on the spot. Thus the experience becomes deeply entrenched in their memory and emotional binding to the content displayed is especially high.
The applications at that range from 360° movies for advertising via 360° reportages and 360° documentations, virtual 360° tours or 360° circuits up to highly interactive 360° experiences.


We bring into being 360° movie productions in high-end quality from idea to publication. Our competencies at this reach from concept, storyboard and script via organization, production and shooting up to post production and distribution.
With our 360° video productions, we work partly with our self-developed 360° camera rigs and professional camera systems with resolutions of 4K, 8K or 16K and with a workflow particularly attuned to the requirements of 360° video shooting where the director is taking on anew full control.
Our shooting ranges include also 360° underwater videos with purpose-built 360° underwater rigs and 360° aerial shots with a 360° video drone.

360° video postproduction

In order to meet our requirements for high-end quality, we have developed our own special workflow for editing of 360° movies and photos. A major role in this is played by the “stitching” whereby the individual camera signals are put together in a seamless fashion. Additionally, we apply a special procedure for colour grading and the integration of effect animations (visual effects) in 360° material and use motion tracking for the stabilization of moving 360° video scenes.

Authentic VR interactive 360° videos

We make 360° videos interactive. Authentic VR is globally a unique technology for video based virtual reality experiences that we developed in-house.
We link 360 degree videos with interaction which up till now were only possible in real time 3D virtual reality applications: the user can move through scenery, examine details close up, interact with people, objects or products, make decisions or influence the story's course.

And incidentally, we've solved the main problem of storytelling in 360° videos: no longer will the user miss something just because they happened to be looking in the wrong direction. With our technology the director takes charge anew of navigating the course of the dramatic composition.

360° virtual reality production
We produce 360°/VR content, 360° virtual reality movies and complex 360 degree experiences from concept to launch and attend to the whole workflow of VR/360° production.
We develop metaverse applications based on real 360° footage. Metaverses that reflect the real world.
Virtual tour
Virtual panoramic tours and 360° company tour, recruiting tool and for presenting any location.
360° stereo video
Stereoscopic 3D videos are recorded with a special 360° stereo camera, for application on VR glasses. Also for 180° 3D videos.
Interactive web documentaries
We produce attention-provoking online documentaries which totally exploit the possibilities of new web technology. And beyond. From research up to publication.
For all web experiences the most important thing is and will remain the story. We develop ideas and concepts that cast a spell over the user. Next level digital storytelling.
High end 360° experiences
We bring into being highly interactive VR applications based on authentic footage from real life. Pure authenticity.
VR for trade fairs, road shows & showrooms
For stationary use on trade fairs, events, in stores or showrooms and on road shows, that enthrals users.