Digital Education / #homeschooling

What if school kids could travel with the class to the Colosseum in Rome, or take a closer look at the Baltic Sea underwater without getting wet? Fantasies about the future? Not at all! The latest technologies in the field of Virtual Reality enable the pupils to immerse themselves in digital worlds, which come hand in hand with educational material. Thanks to the specially developed authentic VR technology, we can make reality an interactive experience. It is not a video game, it is real images, real people interacting with the children in VR and imparting knowledge.
The immersive learning environments influence the kids in a completely new way - the topics are presented in an exciting way and are adapted to the respective age and level. In addition, the virtual experiences can be carried out as part of a learning unit to accompany the lessons. Previous studies and experiences show that the willingness to learn increases significantly with new media, thus creating an exciting and new exchange of knowledge.

In an increasingly digitalised world, students are prepared for emerging questions in an ideal way using the latest technologies and thus already have their first contact with possible new media.

Expedition Wilde Welten

Our expedition wild worlds is already admitted to the education server of the German government. Children can become researchers and discoverers. The Virtual Reality Experience brings them to our native forests where over 50 species can be discovered. In an entertaining way, the pupils learn what our own flora & fauna have to offer. The specially developed accompanying booklet helps them to want to find out even more and serves up learning content appropriate to their age.

Expedition digital

Digitisation in working life is becoming increasingly important in our society. But how do we prepare our students for it? The expedition digital takes care of that, among other things. In a touring exhibition, kids are taught the most diverse new media in a playful way. The accompanying website with additional material for teachers gives a great impression of the expedition and its station in advance. As a highlight, the children can immerse themselves in the virtual dream jobs in 360°.


We have also been to places where you cannot get to otherwise with our technology. This is how the first Baltic Sea Underwater Virtual Reality Special was created - OstseeLife. In this application, users can dive down themselves and find out about the biodiversity of the Baltic Sea. On you and you with the porpoise. At the same time, the adventure also provides information about the dangers currently facing our seas.

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